You Can’t be Afraid When You’re Laughing

You Can’t be Afraid When You’re Laughing

One of the best pieces of advice heard recently was by Bernie Siegel, MD, pediatric oncology surgeon, philosopher, pioneer in mind body medicine, best selling author, humanitarian. He says that “laughing, for no apparent reason,” was one of the keys to a healthy, long lived life. So, he suggests in many interviews, to laugh often throughout the day, and I add, especially if you are feeling stressed or unfocused.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of ways to make this happen.

Look at old photos of yourself as a child, or of your children.

Google anything having to do with the Comedy that moves you, and in 3 min, you are healed.

Play a small prank on an office coworker.

Read over posts on your Facebook. Most are hilarious, when put into the right perspective.

Call a funny friend…..Now.

Walk through every room of your house, and surrender to the fact  that you will never have the entire place picked up….Ever. Give it up, and Giggle.

Try walking through 2 1/2 feet of snow, seriously….try it.

What else can you think of?? Love to share……

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