DenaMy aHA Mind was born from years of people watching. Some rise to the top, become successful, practice healthy habits, are joyful; others have all the right intentions to move forward in relationship, career, life, love, but are waylaid; many of us aren’t sure where to begin…..We stand at the doorway to the next right step…..and Stop. Why? Because often those steps are leaps, and they are tough, and because so many of us have forgotten our center, forgotten what our strengths are, forgotten WHO we are!
My aHA Mind is mind centered coaching to regain that strength. We’ve all had glimpses of exactly what we want in our lives, who we are, our purpose. Times when the soul is awakened with an aha! …We’ve all had these moments and yet through busy lives and distraction have forgotten. We coach together to shake things up, to wake US up! …to remind us of our power & excellence, get ready for the future incoming ahas!, and step over the threshold stronger than ever!

Dena Breslin, MSPAS, CTACC, has over 20 years skill and experience in sales, marketing, networking, building lasting business relationships, mentoring, coaching and dedication to training and personal growth of coworkers, patients and clients.
As an ICF Certified Life Coach, her coaching practice incorporates one on one coaching, executive, small business & group coaching, teleseminars, team building, mastermind groups, blogs and public speaking. Client Shift Agendas being more mindful living, style/branding, career success, relationship strengthening, increased income, just to name a few.
She’s practiced Gastroenterology for 7 years 1998-2004, as a Master level Physician Assistant, having a patient and physician partner base spanning several counties.

Dena is a successful entrepreneur, and Founding Leader with Touchstone Crystal, a new sales division of Swarovski Crystal jewelry here in the US. From its inception in 2009, she has supported and promoted leader after leader, outselling each year by more than 50%. By 2012, her team exceeded $1.2 million annual retail sales.
She thrives on “out of the box” creativity, and throughout her career in pharmaceutical sales(HIV/AIDS specialty), volunteering, medical practice, direct selling/marketing, she has pushed the limits of what others may think possible or likely, through to her own drive toward professional excellence and the excellence of those she works with.

A mother of 3 amazing children, ages 13, 11 and 8, who, she says, are truly her best teachers, she stays active working out, playing sports with the kids, and long hikes. She is very motivated by the circle of learning, challenging herself, and giving back to others.